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You think you’ve got the outdoor lifestyle covered with your ATV, sport boat and RV.

But you’re still missing one thing – ICON Aircraft A5 Personal Sport Plane.

Built specifically for consumer recreational flying, the A5 can hits speeds of 125 MPH, and

boasts a range of 300 miles. Running on regular unleaded gas, this ICON personal sport plane

can take off or land on solid ground or on water, so feel free to take it to the cottage with you.

Another perk is its ability to fold its wings, so it easily fits into your garage. And since you only need

Sport Pilot license to fly this air craft (that’s about 20 hours of flight training),

your dream of owning your own plane is that much closer to realization.

But you will have to wait until 2010 to pick one up, and it’ll cost you around $139,000.

ICON Aircraft.


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ICON A5  (124) 2010.06.07
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